Via Rail

Via Rail Customer Service 1 888 842-7245
Via Rail Preference 1 888 842-7733
for Amtrak Connections from USA 1 800 872-7245

Customer Relations 1 800 681-2561

Via Rail Canada is the Company, that organizes all Rail Travel in Canada and sells the tickets for trips for example from Quebec to Toronto.
There is the Via Rail Phone Number available for all clients, to be able to Contact Via Rail and get information about the Via Rail Timetable and the Via Rail Train in Canada.

You can contact the following Via Rail Canada Phone number and get information about the Via Rail Schedule, Arrivals and Departures.
Also you can use the same Via Rail Phone to do Via Rail Booking, Via Rail Reservations and to get done your Via Rail Cancellation and get your Via Rail Ticket Canceled.

Via Rail offers one of the most important rail conexions in Canada for you, to be able to plan your Trip with Via Rail, for example from Toronto to Otawa or Vancouver or from Toronto to Montreal.

For any enquiery regarding Via Rail tickets, you can contact Via Rail Customer Service at this Via Rail Service Phone Number.

Via Rail Customer Service

1 888 842-7245

Customer Service for Via Rail Preference

1 888 842-7733

To get information about the Via Rail Arrivals of Amtrak connections from USA, you can Call Via Rail at the following Via Rail Phone Number

1 800 872-7245

For any questions about the Via Rail Service interruption or Via Rail Service cuts, you can contact the Customer Service Phone Number detailed above.
Also you can visit the Via Rail Website to get more information about Via Rail.

Customer Relations Via Rail

1 800 681-2561

For more information, for example about the Via Rail Stations and Prices, please visit the Via Rail website, you will also be able to find there the Via Rail Baggage policy and Baggage Alowance and everything about the Via Rail Status of your Via Rail Reservation.

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